About Us


The Northern Spirit 


Inspired by winter’s crisp natural beauty and harsh disposition, we are seekers of the unique experiences our climate has to offer. Immersing ourselves in its seasonal rhythm, we discover newness in elemental changes to our world, revive aspects of our lifestyle previously forgotten, and find new appreciation for the warmth in our lives. 

Quartz Co. is proud to design and manufacture Canadian-made products built to perform in the cold, stand the test of time, and take you from landscape to cityscape, and everywhere in between.


Made in Canada since 1997

We are a Canadian brand manufacturing winter-ready parkas in the heart of a true Northern climate. With the majority of our operations based in and around Montreal, Quebec, we strongly believe in our homegrown expertise, and are proud to preserve a national craft renowned around the world.

For nearly 20 years, our parkas have been worn in extreme weather conditions and are a credit to Canada's reputation for excellence in the industry. 

Meeting Winter's Demands

Our parkas have been tested in harsh environments all across the world, even equipping adventurers and scientists through the many perils of winter. Each parka is designed to perform in the cold, and keep you warm above all else.

With an extensive list of features and technical details including water resistant fabrics and premium Canadian down insulation,  there is a Quartz Co. parka for everything winter might bring your way.

Built to Last

From our knowhow and high-quality materials to our choice of cuts and colours that will age well, Quartz Co. parkas are made to last a lifetime of winter activities and memories.

Our craftsman's expertise can be found in every detail of our garments, and each product is inspected manually to ensure its compliance with our high standards. We offer a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Quartz Co.

2016-2017’s collection marks an important transition in Quartz Co’s company history, as the brand evolves from founder Yves Trudeau’s trademark, Quartz Nature, into a contemporary brand inspired by a modern northern lifestyle.

Now led by brothers Jean-Philippe and Francois-Xavier Robert, Quartz Co. draws from its past to shape an ever-evolving brand, striving to make a lasting impact.