Port Franc - Crossing towards La Rochelle

In collaboration with Port-Franc Logistique, our jackets embark today on a journey towards La Rochelle, France, aboard the Avontuur, for a trip of about 30 days across the Atlantic. Port Franc's mission is to provide clean, sea and shore-based transport services to accelerate the local and transcontinental deployment of sustainable mobility. They want to combine tradition and modernity, durability and simple and refined aesthetics, and thus launch the first transatlantic route conveyed by wind alone in the 21st century between France and Canada. The trip began on Friday, October 6th, when the jackets left our warehouse on an electric truck...

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Quartz Co. X Altitude Sports

Last year, Quartz Co. and Altitude Sports collaborated to create the world’s first insulated winter jacket using milkweed. In response to popular demand, this collaboration has returned for another year. Read More

Insulation: Milkweed

Monark is a plant based insulator made of milkweed. It combines advanced textile-industry science with proven agriculture knowledge to create a high-performance product well adapted to canadian winters.

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